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breakdown properties in a nitrogen-SF6 mixture gas

The electrical breakdownproperties in nitrogen gas mixed with SF 6 are analytically investigated in this article by making use of the ionization and

Isotropic Raman scattering of HF in dense gas and liquid SF6:

The isotropic Raman spectra of HF diluted in dense gas and liquid SF 6 have been calculated and compared with existing experimental data. The motional

Fates of the molecular anions of SF6 and C7F14 upon

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Particle Detector for Gas Insulated Switchgear and the Effect

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Effect of SF6 Concentrations on Protective Film of Vacuum

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Mobilities of Li+ in Ne and in N2 and Na+ in SF6: Effect of

Ion mobility measurements were made for Li+ in Ne and in N2 and Na+ in SF6 using a variable‐temperature drift tube. The measurements were made by

Trace gas management system for leak detection

gas recovery station; and passing at least some more commonly used is hexafluosulfide (SF6). 3), the coil 11 arrives on a cart 41 (block

decomposition of the sulfur hexaflouride anion (SF6)

Insulating gas mixtures containing SF 6 have been promoted to serve as replacements for pure SF 6 in order to reduce SF 6 atmospheric emission. It has

Mode specific vibrational energy transfer from SF6 to N2O

201565-Vibrational energy transfer from SF6 to N2O was studied by using a pulsed CO2 laser for multiphoton excitation of SF6 and monitoring the 4.5

compact electron cyclotron resonance ion source with SF6

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New measurements of the thermochemistry of SF5 and SF6

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Tungsten etching mechanisms in low‐pressure SF6 plasma

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Instabilities of Ar/SF6 inductive plasma discharges

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detachment and decomposition rates of SF6, SF5, and F in

Measured cross sections for prompt collisional detachment and decomposition of SF− 6, SF− 5, and F− in SF6 reported in the preceding companion

[Treatment by internal tamponade of retinal detachment with a

SF6 gas injection (9 cases), intra-ocular liquid suction + SF6 gas Haut J, Faure J F, Larricart P. et al Treatment by internal tamponade

Separation and Concentration of SF6 from N2/SF6 Gas Mixtures

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Numerical modeling of SF6 thermal plasma generated during the

200474-In this paper, we have simulated the switching process of the thermal expansion SF6 gas circuit breaker (GCB) that is combination of two int

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caused by macular hole by simple injection of SF6]

[Technics of treatment of retinal detachment caused by macular hole by simple injection of SF6]. [Article in French] Larricart P, Haut J, Abi-

Calculation of combined diffusion coefficients in SF6-Cu

Diffusion coefficients play an important role in the description of the transport of metal vapours in gas mixtures. This paper is devoted to the

microstructuring induced by ArF excimer laser at SF6

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vibrational polarizability in the SF6-rare gas

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Two-temperature transport coefficients of SF6–N2 plasma

Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) is widely adopted in electric power industry, especially in high-voltage circuit breakers and gas-insulated switchgear. However,

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Efficiency of e-beam and electric discharge-pumped SF6-H2 laser

Add to cart Paper Abstract Energy, temporal and spectral characteristics ofThe optimal gas mixture SF6: H2 equals 8:1 under pressure of 0.45 atm

Development of SF6 decomposition gas sensor

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Dielectric Properties of SF6–CClF3 Gas Mixtures at Nearly

The second pressure virial coefficient and the second and third dielectric virial coefficients for SF6, CClF3, and mixtures of the two have been measured

observed in the current decay phase of a SF6 spark discharge

In SF6 gas at 5–30 Torr, self‐breakdown sparkdischarges starting in a constricted phase expanded spatially when the dischargecurrent decayed to a