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” Optimum SF6-N2, SF6-Air, SF6-CO2 based on particle

2013928-Paper:” Optimum SF6-N2, SF6-Air, SF6-CO2 based on particle contamination”, Conference Record of the 2000 IEEE International Symposium on E


Optimum compositions of the CO2 - SF6 were identified for a well reservoir temperature and a given water-cooling condition. Concerning the global warming

Combined sensor and its fabrication method

at least four vibrating sensor elements (1a, 1the desired optimum vibration forms and amplitudes.SF6 gas and formation of polymer layer for

Optimum Method in Construction Design of SF6 Rotary Arc Chamber

For solving the problem of choosing an appropriate structure parameter,the complex optimum method is applied to the construction parameter design of arc

Decomposition of high-pressure (400 kPa) SF6 and SF6/N2 (10:

1—— 5.2 — 1.8 — 6.7 — 44.8 1.10 0.82% SF6 SF6/N2 r 0. that in the optimum conditions for the formation of these three compounds

Optimum SF/sub 6/-N/sub 2/, SF/sub 6/-air, SF/sub 6/-CO/sub 2

WARD S A.Optimum SF6-N2,SF6-air,SF6-CO2mixtures based on particle contamination[C]//IEEE International Symposium on Electrical Insulation.[S.l.]:IEEE,

and experimental data. Comparisons with SiF4, PF3, and SF6

Parallel calculations have been performed for SiF4, PF3, and SF6, to obtain optimum scale factors for PF5. SCF scale factors are different for

Potential Separation of SF6 from Air Using Chabazite Zeolite

Potential Separation of SF6 from Air Using Chabazite Zeolite MembranesGas permeation results are discussed in terms of optimum synthesis temperature

Device for optically detecting a chemical change in fluid

optimum thickness and uniform thickness is obtained a numeral 33 designates SF6 gas, a numeral 34(photomultiplier) as a sensor for the light

Separation of gases containing SF6

Gas mixtures of SF6 and N2, which have been used, for example, as an The process according to the invention is distinguished by optimum splitting

Electrostatic recorder and electrostatic latent image

sensor portion maintained in a position spaced optimum control which is suited to a state of SF6 gas in the inner case 4a, and also, to

Anti-Human DCIR / CLEC4A / CLECSF6 Antibody (PE)

CLECSF6 (rh DCIR / CLEC4A / CLECSF6; Catalog#11476-H07H; NP_001128530.1; Gln 70-Leu 237) and conjugated with PE under optimum conditions, the

Fabrication of suspended membranes for thermal sensors using

after etching in SF6 plasma (under conditions of optimum lateral etch rateVarious types of thermal sensor devices, such as calorimetric-type gas

Controlled method for injection casing using a mold under

sensors are provided in the bell, mold, tube the metal should have an optimum speed ranging and CO2+SF6, Argon+SF6 for magnesium alloys)

of Metallic Particle Adhering to Solid Spacer in SF6

Finally, from analyses of PD mechanisms, we proposed the optimum PD SF6 [C]// Conference Record of the Electrical Insulation Dielectric Phenomena


A 420 kV SF6 to air capacitive graded bushing hasbeen represented by an This paper deals withthe optimum number of equivalent layers without loosing

System-level exploration for Pareto-optimal configurations in

System-level exploration for Pareto-optimal configurations in parameterized system-on-a

Method and apparatus for the active control of a compact

optimal location and timing relative to the vortexsensors located in the combustion chamber in orderSF6 destruction percentage of approximately 44%

The etching of silicon carbide in inductively coupled SF6/O2

The etching of silicon carbide in inductively coupled SF6/O2 plasmaWhilst using the optimum gas composition, the parameters which dominate the

Optimal feature selection for defect recognition in varying

Optimal feature selection for defect recognition in varying concentration SF6:N2 mixturesT. GovenderI.R. Jandrell

Assessment of optimum SF/sub 6/-air, SF/sub 6/-N/

Mixing SF6 with other gas is a possible way of improving GIS performance S.A. Ward, "Assessment of optimum SF 6 -Air, SF 6 -N 2 , SF 6

Etching MoSi2 using SF6, HBr and 02

and the volumetric flow ratio of SF6:O2 is from about 0.1:1 to 100Features 28 having perpendicular sidewalls 30 are desired for optimum

SF6 Properties in High-Voltage Equipments and its Optimal

The fundamental characteristics and properties of SF6 and its mixtures with N2 and CO2 are given. Current wave-forms of initial stages of negative corona

Reactive ion etch initiation delay in BCl3/SF6/Ar plasmas due

delay in selective etching plasmas of BCl3/SF6/An optimum selective etching process using a microsensoro-aminobenzaldehyde-ethylene-diamine

A description of software determining optimum

A description of software determining optimum maintenance sequence for 110 kV power circuit breakers with SF6react-text: 286 The very large development of


Improved, formalised, and more regular SF6 testing regimes are now called for to ensure optimum outcomes from this equipment. The second reason is that,

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ITT Systems - Chief Engineer, SENSOR, Lockheed ams AG - Product Manager automotive ASICs, mechanical component


It is known that the insulation performance of SF6 is limited, not by its uniform dielectric strength, but by the effects of local field enhancement

Vacuum and SF/sub 6/ interruption techniques-a manufacturer's

SF6 interruption techniquesvacuum interruption techniquesmanufacturer's experience what they believe constitutes the optimum technology, based on technical