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Process for stripping radon-220 from radioactive isotope

The separation of radon-220 from a liquid radioactive composition comprising radon-220, radium-224, and radium-225, and their daughter isotopes, as well

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Complete results for five years of GNO solar neutrino

200546-detected by a 9"×9" well-type NaI detector.2.3 Radon recognition and reduction An elaborate admixed to GeH4 to manufacture the counti


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Bromine counter

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radon or the like comprises a housing and detection5280273 Toxic gas detector system having convenientDuring manufacture of the alarm, it is often the

Personal gamma-ray and radon monitor

A compact electrically conductive housing includes a plurality of access ports defined in the top section of the housing to permit radon gas (222</


2009920-being free of radio elements like radon gas etcstructure leads to lower cost of manufacture. TheThe Best Way to Fulfill the Invention


by radon gas, a particle detector is arranged in the detection area, andDuring manufacture of the particle detector 100, before depositing the material

the XENON experiment using a High Purity Germanium Detector

In order to manufacture crystals large enough to Background simulations for the GATOR Detector. A)gas can eliminate most of this Radon, it is

Method and apparatus for managing radon gas

20081120-A radon collection cartridge and a radon extraction system for economically reducing or removing radon gas danger are disclosed. The cartrid

Environmental health of children

Radon Radon gas occurs naturally as a result ofmanufacture of other chemicals, are related to Because prevention is the best intervention in

the mean concentration of thoron and/or radon in a gas

A method of and an apparatus for detecting and accurately measuring the mean concentrations of 222 Rn and 220 Tn in a gas

Electronic alpha particle counter

There is provided an improved radon-222 detector device for counting alpha particles originating from radon-222 gas including an alpha particle permeable

Large volume flow-through scintillating detector

A large volume flow through radiation detector for use in large air flow situations such as incinerator stacks or building air systems comprises a plurality

Word cluster viewer

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Simplified radon testing package

2011519-A radon test package of simplified and low cost construction. A generally flat outer packet is formed from a single sheet of radon barrier m

Conditioning of the 4 Curies Radium226 Sealed Radiation

Radon gas leakage was verified by setting the The equipment used was the RAD7 radon detector.Prapas PADSEE Shielding Manufacture Company: Mr

Time-averaged radon daughters (WL) dosimeter and method for

2009419-An instrument and method for selectively detecting alpha particles emitted simultaneously by radium A and radium C' which are derived from r

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Ovensbright - Director, ovensbright - gas engineerCheck for radon with a plug in radon detector.creates pollution in manufacture, leaches chemicals

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Manufacture of Second Ablation Production Unit, Investing with Some of the Best The insider Radon gas is produced via the radioactive decay


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Personal gamma-ray and radon monitor

A compact electrically conductive housing includes a plurality of access ports defined in the top section of the housing to permit radon gas (222</

Radon in unconventional natural gas from Gulf

Plastics Manufacture and Processing Surface Active Agents and Detergents Syntheticnatural gasenvironmental sciencesgeothermal wellsnatural gasradioactivi

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Kontaminationsdosimeter mit radiation-ram fuer alpha-strahlen

sensor structures are complicated to manufacture. daß Radon das einzige alpha-strahlende Gas 24 199118 Ian Thomson Radon detector

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