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A process for preparing 1-butanol from butane by incubating a host organism having a functional P153 enzyme under elevated butane pressure in the presence

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MQ-2 MQ2 Smoke Gas LPG Butane Hydrogen Gas Sensor Detector

Module Applications: Gas may be used in homes and factories leakage monitoring device suitable for the detection of gas, butane , propane , methane ,

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butane gas, belonging to the field of the The gas storing barrel in the holding handle ofdetector assembly, and can be welded and repaired

as a microscale gas chromatograph detector for explosive

Gas Chromatograph Detector for Explosive Marker and 2,3-dimethyl-2,3-dinitrobutane (DMNB). (LODs), and increases in (estimated)

of gas gain in Ar/iC 4 H 10 using a GridPix detector

Measurement of gas gain in Ar/iC 4 H 10 using a GridPix detectorthe grid voltage in argon/isobutane 90:10 at a pressure of 1300 mbar

Gas spectrometry based on a pyroelectric thin film array

The detector is in-house fabricated and consists of 1×50 elements ofrange, we present absorption measurements for butane gas and N2O,

Actinide measurements by AMS using fluoride matrices

201523-1. 243Am two dimensional spectrum in the gas ionization detector filled with 10 mBar isobutane gas and equipped with a 75 nm SiN entrance wi

Ultra-thin gas detector for tracking of low energy electrons

200977-pressure with only 10 – 30 % isobutane and Methods in Physics Research, AK. Lojek, etKuzniak, "Ultra-thin gas detector for tracking

Design and implementation of an economic gas leakage detector

the alarming system designed has a high ivity for primarily butane, whichand Implementation of an Economic Gas Leakage Detector", published in 2012

Gas detection sensor CO2 CO H2 Methane Butane Propane monitor

Monitor critical areas using gas detection sensors with the E-2D/5D/16D. Measures CO2 in a range of 0 to 2Gas De

Lithium-6 foil neutron detector

4, there is shown detector 10 in a electronic processing means external toa neutron and a lithium-6 nucleus; 35 argon gas and 20% isobutane gas

Toxic Gas Detection |

321 “Toxic Gas Detection”、。

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Combustible gas detector based on /spl gamma/-Fe/sub 2/O/sub

Combustible gas detector based on /spl gamma/-Fe/sub 2/O/sub 3/ in a 2000 ppm butane atmosphere for a wong temperature of 300/spl deg

Low power gas detector

A gas detector includes a gas detecting element comprised of a metal oxide semiconductor material which changes its value of electrical resistance at an

Energy Resolution in X-ray Detecting Gas Microstrip Detectors

The gain was ≈700 at Vd=1500V in argon + 25% isobutane. Contrary togas gain (M) is around 1000 since the low capacity of the detector

Using an InGrid Detector to Search for Solar Chameleons with

As the range of the photo electron in the detector gas (97.7% Argon, 2.3% Isobutane) is only few hundred microns, the image of an absorbed

Capacitive gas detector having a solid rare earth fluoride

Gas species are detected with a capacitor having a solid, ionic dielectric excited by an AC voltage in the ramp from 0.01-30 Hz, with an amplitude

for the SLD endcap Cherenkov Ring Imaging detector ☆

Lorentz angle studies for the SLD endcap Cherenkov Ring Imaging detector ☆butanegas lasersmagnetic fieldsmethanealkaneshydrocarbonslasersIn the endcaps of

closed-circuit gas system for an RPC-based neutron detector*

gas system for an RPC-based neutron detector*Figuretetrafluoroethane), 10 % SF6 and 5 % IsobutaneOne of the central issues in this closed-circuit


The invention relates to a detector for detecting electrically neutral particles. The detector has a housing (10) filled with a counting gas